We The Deaf People

8. Deaf People of Color

We the Deaf People want to do more for Deaf people of color (Blacks/African Americans, Asian-Americans, American Indians, and Hispanics/Latinos, and multi-racial people). We want them to feel welcome and valued in our organization, to give them equal opportunity to participate and to become effective advocates and leaders.

We neither condone nor tolerate racism in our organization, and will take every measure to combat it in our community.

The Deaf community is diverse, and we embrace this diversity . . . but we are all Deaf together, and on many issues, we must stand together to present a unified front. We are a linguistic minority, and we all seek empowerment and fair representation.

Our position:

We support the aspirations of Deaf people of color to take their places as educated, empowered first-class leaders and citizens, and seek to work with civil-rights organizations, Deaf organizations, and Deaf people of color themselves to expand their opportunities.