We The Deaf People

2. Deaf Organizations

We the Deaf People believes in establishing partnerships with Deaf organizations, those that are legally incorporated, registered nonprofits and with whom we share goals—advocacy of Deaf children’s language, civil, educational, and human rights the furtherance of the interests of the Deaf community, the promotion of Deaf achievements.

Our experience has taught us that Deaf organizations are not immune to political machinations, hunger for power, greed, and other problems afflicting organizations in the Hearing community. We recognize that these problems are universal. But we recognize that Deaf-run organizations with a Deaf constituency tend to be more democratic than those supposedly representing deaf people but which are run by hearing people.

We believe that any organization, agency, interest group, advocacy nonprofit, etc., serving the interests of Deaf people should have a 51% minimum Deaf majority on its board of directors.

We intend to work with organizations that serve Deaf GLBTQ people, Deaf people of color in general, and Blacks, American Indians, Hispanics/Latinos, and Asian-Americans, Deaf women, and elderly Deaf people.

Our position:

We the Deaf People believes in establishing coalitions with other Deaf organizations and working towards a shared goal—the empowerment of Deaf people and fair representation in legislative and community affairs.