We The Deaf People

Contact: Matthew S. Moore

FOR RELEASE ON: June 28, 2019

A Potential Lifesaver

Our team here at We the Deaf People (WTDP) are excited to share with the public a new nationwide campaign that we’ve been working on for several years. In an effort to combat the struggles and dangers associated with miscommunication that frequently occur during police/highway-patrol stops, we have created the Yellow Shield placard/envelope for nationwide distribution. This Yellow Shield represents the culmination of several years of discussion, Deaf Community involvement, and coordination with Deaf artists, ASL-oriented officers in local police departments, and the WTDP team. This campaign is the first national one to commit to tackling this miscommunication-prevention issue head on. 

Through this program, we hope to provide a handy, easily visible, and immediately accessible medium for Deaf people to use that is clear enough for officers to understand and work with to achieve effective communication. We are providing them at a nominal cost. By doing this, we trust that members of our community are not unduly financially burdened. We the Deaf People aspires to bridge cultures and advocate for the rights of all Deaf people in the United States of America. We will continue to advocate for the rights and needs of our community until we achieve full inclusion, and our needs are met effortlessly by the majority, without being an afterthought.

We are currently contacting and working with state agencies to ensure that all 50 states have departments that are not only aware of this program but understand how to access it and how to explain it to people within their states. We aspire to reach every community possible and make the Yellow Shield campaign a household name, granting Deaf Americans the security and confidence in knowing that when they are communicating with law-enforcement officials that they will get the equal treatment that they deserve. 

Orders for the Yellow Shield envelope can be made through our Webpage at http://www.wtdp.org/yellowshield/ and currently cost $1(cash) in person or only $2 (credit card in person or online), postpaid. Visit http://www.facebook.com/yellowshieldplacard for more information.

We the Deaf People, Inc. is a registered nonprofit organization committed to defending the civil rights of the Deaf community as a linguistic minority. For more information about WTDP, visit www.wtdp.org, contact Matthew S. Moore at deafdriver@wtdp.org.

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